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Cataract surgery

If you believe blurry, cloudy vision is just part of the aging process, we want you to think again. Medownick Low Stress CataractTM surgery lifts the veil, allowing you to see clearly once more.

Multifocal eye surgery

“I hate my multifocals!” – it’s a refrain we hear time and time again. Turn back the clock on your vision with a revolutionary procedure that can reduce or eliminate your reliance on multifocal glasses.

Why Choose Medownick?

We’ve performed more than 40,000 successful laser eye surgeries on everyone from celebrities and sports stars to anyone who wants to rid themselves from the need to wear glasses and contact lenses.

How we can help your eyes

Precision and accuracy are our hallmarks, and we use only the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our patients receive the very best treatment.

Interest-free offer

Laser eye surgery is an investment in you. It’s why we offer interest-free payment plans over six, 12 or 18 months to suitable candidates.

Book a free laser eye assessment

Stop wondering and find out once and for all whether laser eye surgery is right for you. Book a free eye assessment today.