What is laser eye surgery and which laser procedure is right for my eyes?

Many people are surprised to learn that there is more than one type of laser eye surgery. Medownick Laser Clinic is the only clinic in Victoria to specialise in all three of the following advanced laser eye procedures:
  • SmartSight laser eye surgery 
  • Femto-LASIK laser eye surgery
  • Touchless Robotic (Trans-PRK) laser eye surgery 

Each of these procedures is capable of giving you excellent visual outcomes so that you can see without glasses - the vast majority of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or even better. But each laser procedure may be best to treat different refractive errors in your eyes, involve different techniques, and involve a different average journey to full recovery.  

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When you are ready to find out which option is best for you, we invite you to come into our clinic for a free examination of your eyes and vision. We will support and guide you through the process of deciding what is best for you, and there is absolutely no obligation to go ahead with any procedure.  


Medownick Laser Clinic is the only clinic in Victoria to offer the SmartSight procedure, the most recent evolution of laser eye surgery in the world.  

SmartSight is a minimally-invasive, keyhole surgery that corrects a patient’s vision quickly and comfortably. Recovery from SmartSight is very fast, with the majority of patients achieving 20/20 vision the next day. 

SmartSight Laser at a glance

What it does

Who is eligibleActual laser time
Gentle pulses of light create a thin layer of tissue, called a lenticule, in the cornea. Through a micro-incision, the surgeon removes the lenticule, and this reshapes the eye to improve visionSuitable patients with myopia (short-sighted) and astigmatism  Approximately 20-60 seconds, depending on your eyes  

How it works

Watch the video below to see how the SmartSight Laser corrects your vision without creating a flap.

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Still the world’s best-known and most popular laser eye surgery procedure, LASIK using our state-of-the-art technology has a definite “wow-factor,” and can have most patients seeing with 20/20 vision (or even better) on the same day.  

In 2023, Medownick invested in a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser known as the Schwind ATOS, which, combined with our special-edition Schwind AMARIS laser, ensures superior safety and outcomes when performing LASIK eye surgery, through intelligent eye-tracking and cyclotorsion compensation. 

This next-generation technology makes it possible to perform precise and accurate LASIK treatment, and is able to correct a broad range of errors, even in high astigmatism. It is also more comfortable for the patient than older LASIK procedures.  

LASIK eye surgery at Medownick can give you crisp, clear vision with almost no down-time, and set you free to enjoy life without glasses or contact lenses.  

LASIK at a glance

What it does Who is eligible  Actual laser time
Gentle pulses of light are used to create a “flap” which is lifted, the laser then gently reshapes the tissue underneath to improve vision. Once finished, the surgeon repositions the flap, which is self-sealing and heals within hours.Suitable patients with myopia (short-sighted), hypermetropia (long-sighted), and astigmatism (blurred vision)   Approximately 20-60 seconds, depending on your eyes  

How it works

Watch the video to see how LASIK corrects your vision. 

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Medownick uses a state-of-the-art excimer laser to perform “Touchless Robotic” Trans-PRK surgery, sometimes known as “Flapless LASIK,” which is capable of taking the human eye beyond 20/20 vision. 

Touchless Robotic is an advanced, next-generation version of “Trans-PRK” laser eye surgery. It is “next generation” because it is non-invasive and stress-free for the patient, gently correcting vision from the surface without suction, flap, incision, or the use of alcohol. Once you have healed, there will be no vulnerability or evidence that the surgery ever happened. 

Touchless Robotic can only be performed using a specific, advanced type of excimer laser, and Medownick Laser Clinic is privileged to have one of the few lasers of this type in Australia. Because of this, our surgeons are among a very small number with the technique and experience to perform this procedure. 

For our patients, the proof is in the outcomes. They gain the absolute best possible natural vision for their eyes, without any cutting or injections.  

Touchless Robotic Trans-PRK at a glance

What it does Who is eligible  Actual laser time 
Gentle pulses of light sculpt the cornea at the front of the eye to reshape it and refract light in different ways, to improve vision Suitable patients with myopia (short-sighted), hypermetropia (long-sighted), and astigmatism (blurred vision)  Approximately 20-60 seconds, depending on your eyes  

How It Works

Watch the video to see how the Touchless Robotic Trans-PRK Laser corrects your vision without any instruments touching your eye.

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Why we prefer SmartSight to SMILE™

SmartSight is the next evolution of SMILE™-type laser eye surgery. The minimally-invasive procedure is similar to SMILE™ and it gives you the same great vision and fast recovery, but the SmartSight laser technology we use is more advanced, giving patients access to more predictable/accurate results:  

* SmartSight is the technical evolution of SMILE™ 

* SmartSight is the first femtosecond laser to utilise AI rotational eye-tracking technology for more accurate vision correction (unlike SMILE™) 

* SmartSight utilises an advanced algorithm to remove less tissue from your eye than SMILE™  

* Medownick is the only laser eye clinic in Victoria capable of performing SmartSight  

Ultimately, SmartSight can offer the advantages of both LASIK and SMILE™ combined, including keyhole “flapless” surgery, fast healing, and tear-film recovery. However, due to SmartSight technology’s intelligent eye-tracking and pupil recognition, patients can expect to achieve more accurate visual results especially in treating astigmatism. 

Advanced “ASLA” PRK

In a small number of cases, if a patient’s eyes are unsuitable for SmartSight, LASIK and Touchless Robotic Trans-PRK, we may perform a different version of PRK surgery, known as ASLA or Advanced PRK. This procedure uses the same state-of-the-art Schwind AMARIS excimer laser, still involves no cutting, and still achieves excellent results.  

However, it is not “Touchless Robotic”. Instead, the surgeon gently removes a surface layer of the eyes, then the laser directs cool, ultraviolet light to reshape the cornea.   


Mono Vision is a form of laser eye surgery in which one eye is corrected for close-up vision, and the other for distance, and the brain learns to merge the two. It can be achieved via SmartSight, LASIK, Trans-PRK or ASLA PRK procedures, depending on patient suitability.  

Mono Vision is not a solution for all patients, so we can talk with you about your suitability when you come in for your free assessment.  

SMILETM is a trade mark of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. Medownick has no association with Carl Zeiss Meditec AG.

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