Common eye problems

Working on computers, scrolling through social media feeds on our mobiles and exposure to UV light all play havoc on our sight. It’s no wonder that eye problems such as the ones we describe here are on the increase. The good news is that modern technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and at Medownick Laser Eye Clinic we can now treat a large proportion of cases with laser eye surgery, or other surgical techniques such as intraocular implants.

You may have heard the comparison before, but your eye functions very much like a camera. The iris, which is the coloured part of your eye, acts as a shutter. It regulates the amount of light admitted to the eye creating images in your brain.

The cornea, the clear window at the front of your eye, is the lens. It is found behind your pupil, and it works in tandem with the cornea to focus the light rays from the object in view. These light rays focus on the retina at the back of your eye, which then transmits the image of the object to your brain.

When you experience issues, such as refractive errors or cataracts, light entering the eye is distorted or blocked in some way, causing vision problems.

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