Our difference

From celebrities and sports stars to anyone who wants to rid themselves once and for all from the need to wear glasses and contact lenses, our patients entrust their vision to us because of our long history and expertise. We are committed to remaining at the forefront of laser eye innovation and surgery.

Over the past 25 years, specialist eye surgeon Dr Mark Medownick and his expert team have achieved better than 20/20 vision for many thousands of people seeking freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Our patients come from all around Australia, and from all walks of life and professions, but they share a common goal: confidence that we can obtain excellent results.

But it’s not just our experience that makes us the trusted household name in laser eye surgery – it’s our individual approach to your specific eye needs that set us apart.

The Medownick difference

Over the years, we have performed many thousands of laser eye surgeries on many thousands of happy patients. They have told us that it is our unique combination of skills and benefits that set us apart, including:

  • Dr Mark Medownick’s extensive knowledge, vast experience and his exclusive specialisation in laser eye surgery, all combine to produce highly accurate and successful results. Dr Medownick performs each and every surgery at our clinic.
  • Our customised laser vision treatments address your unique needs – no two eyes or prescriptions are the same, and we cater to you as an individual.
  • We are rigorous in our attention to detail, ensuring consistently outstanding results that minimise risk.
  • We offer an extraordinary level of care and a lifetime of aftercare so you can feel confident in your laser eye surgery now, and as your eyes change as you get older.
  • Our surgery uses state-of-the-art laser vision technology in state-of-the-art facilities. We are the only laser eye clinic to operate out of the Epworth medical complex.

Our track record

Many people consider their vision as their most precious sense. It’s only natural, therefore, that you wouldn’t let anyone but a highly qualified eye specialist with expertise in laser vision correction to go near them. Dr Mark Medownick is such a specialist, and has personally performed more than 35,000 successful laser eye corrections in a career spanning many decades.

The majority of our patients that pre-tested as ideal laser candidates have achieved eyesight equal to, or better than, any vision they ever experienced while wearing glasses or contacts. Your eyes could not be in better hands.

We’re independent

Medownick Laser Eye Clinic is privately owned and operated, and we do not operate a surgical franchise, or license somebody else’s name and expertise. This is important, as it means we do not put corporate shareholder interests before the needs of our patients. We have earnt our reputation based on our hard work, expert knowledge and caring attitude.

Interest-free offer

Laser eye surgery is an investment in you. It’s why we offer interest-free payment plans over six, 12 or 18 months to suitable candidates.

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