What will I experience at Medownick on the day of my cataract surgery?

Here’s what you can expect from the moment you leave home to when you complete your cataract surgery at the Medownick Laser Eye Clinic at Epworth.

1. Before you leave home

There are no special requirements leading up to your cataract surgery, although you will need to fast for specified period of time – usually four hours.

Please allow between three to four hours for your cataract surgery.

2. When you arrive at Medownick Laser Eye Clinic

We perform cataract surgery at the Epworth Hospital day theatre or at our specially designed boutique-style private hospital.

We understand you will be feeling a little anxious. Don’t worry: by this stage we know your eyes in incredible detail, which is the key to a successful cataract eye surgery. We will give you a mild oral sedative to help you relax, and will put anaesthetic drops in your eyes.

You will then be accompanied to the day theatre, where we perform cataract operation as a ‘walk-in, walk-out’ procedure. You can be confident that you’ll only receive the best of care from moment you arrive.

3. During your cataract surgery

At Medownick Laser Eye Clinic we employ a surgical technique for cataracts that only takes about 15 minutes to perform. Here’s what you’ll experience during your surgery:

  • You’ll be awake during the procedure and although you may see light or movement, you will not be able to see what is taking place. You also do not have to worry about keeping your eyes opened or closed.
  • Our expert surgeon makes a micro-incision using a surgical diamond knife into your eye.
  • Through this incision, the cataract is removed using a technique called ‘phako emulsification’. We use a high-speed ultrasound machine with a tip that vibrates 30,000 times per second to break up the cataract into hundreds of thousands of tiny fragments that are removed through a suction process.
  • The intraocular lens is implanted immediately. It is nearly always a foldable lens that is injected into the eye and settles into the housing of the eye’s natural lens.
  • The incision is self-sealing, which means there is no distortion to the shape of your eyeball.

4. Immediately after cataract surgery

We perform cataract surgery as a ‘walk-in, walk-out’ procedure, so that once you have recovered, you are free to go home – you won’t require a hospital stay.

  • You will be able to see immediately, although your vision may be blurry.
  • You will be given a protective transparent shield to wear, but will not require an eye patch.
  • We will provide you with written instructions for the use of eye drops and provide you with a post-operative care plan.
  • You can leave almost immediately and may return home shortly after surgery. It’s that quick and that simple.
  • A friend or a family member must drive you home. You must not drive yourself.

Find out more about our detailed aftercare program.

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