How is robotic laser eye surgery performed at Medownick in Melbourne?

Robotic Laser Eye Surgery

Introducing the future of laser eye surgery: robotics. Medownick Laser Eye Clinic continues to lead the way, becoming the first clinic in Australia to acquire this latest advancement in technology. Find out what robotic laser eye surgery means for you.

Dr Mark Medownick has performed more than 40,000 procedures to treat a range of refractive conditions of the eye, including near-sightedness, and long-sightedness with and without astigmatism. Always at the forefront of technological advancements, he believes that the future is in robotic laser eye surgery.

How we perform robotic laser eye surgery

Medownick Laser Eye Clinic will roll out yet another first in Australian laser eye surgery, with the special limited-edition Schwind 1050RSL Excimer Laser. While every technology still requires the attentive eye of the surgeon, this laser’s premium configuration is capable of performing robotic laser eye surgery.

The Schwind 1050RSL Excimer Laser allows doctors to perform surgery without the need for any instruments or contact with the eye whatsoever (except for a small device keeping your eyelids apart). This means you won’t feel a thing during the procedure: there will be no pressure or suction on the eye, your vision won’t be blocked, and no sharp or blunt instruments will touch the cornea. The laser keeps treatment times to a minimum, typically 1.3 seconds per myopic dioptre.

The laser allows surgeons to perform delicate procedures with microscopic precision of 1/100 of thickness of a human hair – it can literally put a nomogram on a human hair. Just like a fingerprint, each eye is unique. This new diagnostic equipment can measure the imperfections of the eye system, not just the eye surface.

Robotic laser eye surgery will be performed at Medownick’s state-of-the-art new clinic at the Epworth.

The benefits of robotic laser eye surgery

Dr Medownick believes that robotic laser eye surgery will supersede the need for Lasik surgery, as the new technology gives patients better quality of vision and carries fewer risks.

The special limited-edition Schwind 1-50RSL Excimer Laser has the most sophisticated eye-tracking technology available anywhere in the world, and tracks and compensates for eye movements with unprecedented precision. Sampling the eye 1,050 times every second, it is capable of tracking and compensating every eye movement in seven dimensions and time, so you can rest assured that every laser pulse will be precisely placed. We believe this will help you to feel more secure during your treatment, as many people fear blinking or making a movement during surgery – we promise, you don’t have to worry.

The procedure is also a gentle one. Robotic laser eye surgery means more accuracy, faster treatment and recovery, and better outcomes, resulting in less stress and greater comfort for our patients.

Finally, the Schwind 1050RSL Excimer Laser allows us to treat presbyopia for ageing eyes. It is also perfectly suited for UV Corneal Cross-Linking for those suffering from keratoconus (irregular corneas).

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Laser eye surgery is an investment in you. It’s why we offer interest-free payment plans over six, 12 or 18 months to suitable candidates.

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