Laser eye surgery: learn about SmartSight, LASIK, Trans-PRK, and SMILE™

Laser eye surgery is a fast, painless and long-term alternative to wearing glasses or contact lenses. Medownick Laser Clinic is the only clinic in Victoria capable of performing the newest SmartSight laser that everyone is talking about, giving patients better than 20/20 vision in less than 24 hours. We also regularly provide femto-LASIK laser for lightening-fast results, and a state-of-the-art Trans-PRK laser that is performed without any instrumentation touching the eyes and achieves crisp, clear vision for our patients.

With access to some of the most advanced technologies and most experienced refractive ophthalmologists in Australia, we are able to carefully tailor our surgeries and techniques to every patient, formulating a unique and optimal plan for your unique eyes, your health, your lifestyle, and your vision goals.

Regardless of the procedure itself, our goal always is to provide the very best outcomes for every patient in our care. 

It has never been easier to ditch your glasses and contacts. To find out if you are suitable to see naturally, book a free assessment by either calling us on 1800 37 39 37, or booking online now.


Why laser eye surgery?

Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to fumble around for your glasses – with laser eye surgery, 20/20 vision is a real outcome. Read more about the benefits of laser eye surgery.

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Is laser eye surgery right for me?

Whether you suffer from myopia (short-sightedness), astigmatism (blurred vision) or hypermetropia (long-sightedness), our assessment process determines whether laser eye surgery is right for you.

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What is laser eye surgery and which laser is right for my eyes?

The technology used in laser eye surgery continues to evolve. Discover the difference between the various types of procedures that different eye clinics may offer, including LASIK, SmartSight, SMILE™, Lasik-without-a-flap, PRK and Touchless Robotic surgery, and the best approach for your eyes.

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What will I experience at Medownick on the day of my laser eye surgery?

Here’s what you can expect on your journey to seeing naturally, from the day you start to explore your suitability, through the assessment process, preparing for your procedure, and embracing all the future holds with your new eyes.

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What will I experience after my laser eye surgery?

Just because your laser eye surgery is over, it doesn’t mean we stop caring about the health of your eyes. At Medownick, we are committed to your recovery and wellbeing.

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FAQs about laser eye surgery

We want you to be as informed as possible about your surgery. Here are our patients’ frequently asked questions about laser eye surgery, from ‘does it hurt?’ to possible risks and side effects, and more.

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SMILETM is a trade mark of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. Medownick has no association with Carl Zeiss Meditec AG.

Interest-free offer

Laser eye surgery is an investment in you. It’s why we offer interest-free payment plans over six, 12 or 18 months to suitable candidates.

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