Eating for your eyes

Fri, November 8, 2019

Mum was right when she told you carrots were good for your eyesight. But carrots aren’t the only food that can protect your eyes.

Seven steps to maintaining healthy eyes and good vision

8 November, 2019

Regardless of age or gender, these steps can help you to maintain healthy eyes and severely lower the risk of disease or declining vision.

NASA: Lasik and PRK eye surgery safe for astronauts

1 November, 2019

People looking for reassurance that Lasik and PRK laser eye surgery are safe may be comforted to know that NASA has now given its stamp of approval for these laser vision correction procedures.

Custom PRK improves vision more than custom Lasik for myopia, a study reports

1 November, 2019

Wavefront-guided PRK proved more effective than custom Lasik in correcting moderate myopia (near-sightedness), according to a study reported by the Ocular Surgery News website in December 2009.

82% of US Air Force personnel opt to undergo PRK eye surgery

1 November, 2019

Speed, accuracy and efficacy are three reasons why the wavefront-optimised laser is a solid performer.

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