Your post-laser eye surgery bucket-list

Your post-laser eye surgery bucket-list

Thu, February 29, 2024

What would a life without glasses or contact lenses mean for you? What would you do first? We asked our patients what they absolutely love doing now that they don't need to wear (or even think about) glasses or contact lenses any more. Here are just some of their answers...

  • Find my towel at the beach 
  • Watch my kids at the swimming pool 
  • Walk in the rain 
  • Ride a bike (or motorbike) on a windy day 
  • Go camping 
  • Play with the dog without him knocking off my glasses 
  • Cuddle my baby without her snatching off my glasses 
  • Play contact sports
  • Buy a pair of designer sunglasses because I don't need prescriptions
  • Go skiing without prescription goggles 
  • Work out at the gym without fogging up 
  • Apply make-up without resting glasses on the end of my nose 
  • Go back-packing with friends for six months 
  • No more reflecting in photographs 
  • Ride every upside-down ride at luna park 
  • See my fiancé as I walk down the aisle on my wedding day 
  • Learn to surf
  • Recognise my friends when they're walking towards me
  • Lie down to watch TV or read a book 

“The surgery has changed my life in so many ways. No more putting contacts in in the morning. No more foggy glasses. No more blurry vision when swimming at the beach or pool. No more irritated contact lenses. No more fumbling for my glasses in the middle of the night. Waking up everyday and being able to see immediately still baffles me!” - Philippa (Medownick patient)

This is a "dare to dream" moment. What will you do after your laser eye surgery at Medownick? 

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