You don't need your glasses any more - but you can donate them to others who do

You don't need your glasses any more - but you can donate them to others who do

Thu, February 29, 2024

Did you know that Medownick Laser Clinic can use your old prescription glasses to help restore sight to people living in poverty all over the world? 

Regardless of whether came to Medownick for SmartSight laser eye surgery, LASIK, or Touchless Robotic Trans-PRK laser, you won’t need your prescription glasses any more. In fact, from the very moment you have your laser eye procedure - literally while you are still in our clinic - your old glasses won’t be needed any more. 

Instead, we invite you to donate them in the Recycle for Sight bowl at our reception. Our staff volunteer in their own time to clean your old glasses, test and sort them according to their prescription, then carefully package and post them to the Lion’s Club Recycle for Sight program. 

The Lions Club then uses its local partners to match the correct prescription and size of glasses with people in need in developing countries, particularly those living in remote areas. 

So you may not need the any more, but your glasses can still restore sight and open up the world for people who would otherwise live with perpetual blurriness or headaches. 

Here’s a little newsletter story the Lion’s Club shared about the impact of this program in Papua New Guinea.

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