Robotic Laser Performs incision-free surgery in an Australian First

Robotic Laser Performs incision-free surgery in an Australian First

Tue, November 19, 2019

The chance to ditch the glasses or contact lens for good, without any surgical instrument or any contact with the eye, has arrived in Melbourne.

The Medownick Laser Eye Clinic today opens its $3 million clinic expansion, with an Australian-first robotic laser for incision free surgery at its centrepiece.

Clinic founder Mark Medownick said the no-touch procedure would make patients more comfortable, as well as being more accurate.

The laser's eye-tracking capability measures all imperfections of the eye like a 3D fingerprint, to give personalised treatment.

"There will be no pressure or suction on the eye.  There is no blockage of vision, no incision, no cut, so there is no stress for the patient," Dr Medownick said. "The laser samples the eye 1050 times a second, and is capable of tracking every eye movement in seven dimensions.

"The doctor can be assured that every laser pulse is precisely placed."

As well as treating short and long sightedness and astigmatism, the machine will allow treatment for the first time for a condition called keratoconus, where the front of the eyeball bulges, as well as presbyopia, an age-related condition where people lose the ability to focus.

Alla Medownick, who has driven the clinic revamp, said patient comfort had been at the forefront of the renovation.

"Sight is one of our most precious possessions," Mrs Medownick said. "People are very uneasy when someone touches their eye.  The brief to the architect was to design a space that is calm for patients and staff."

Source: Herald-Sun 19 November 2019

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